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Owners and organisation

Sting is owned by a public-private foundation, the Electrum Foundation, and KTH Holding. The Electrum Foundation Board consists of representatives from the business sector (Ericsson, IBM and real estate owners), academia (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Swedish ICT) and the public sector (the City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm).

Sting’s activities are financed with public funds, from Electrum and our main partners Vinnova, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm; and with private funding from partners, as well as through self-funding.

Being a non-profit organisation, all proceeds go straight back to the programs to help new startups become successful. It is a way for each participating company to “pay it forward”.

Board of directors,
Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB

Staffan Ingvarsson
Chairman, Stockholm Business Region
Lisa Ericsson
KTH Innovation
Karin Bengtsson
Electrum Foundation

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For those who aspire to be mentioned and thanked in future official IPO speeches with a heartfelt 'thank you for believing in us and nominating us to start our entrepreneurial journey,' here's your opportunity to make a difference.

Do you have a favourite startup you believe would thrive at Sting and make a genuine impact in the world? Nominate the companies that you think would benefit from getting a placement in a Sting program.

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