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Circle of Life Science

Eager to lead the future of pediatric healthcare through tech innovation? Karolinska University Hospital invites impact-driven startups to join our Solution Enabler Program, where entrepreneurs drive innovation in advancing pediatric care to new heights.

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Innovation arenas with regulatory frameworks

The Circle of Life Science program is dedicated to catalyzing innovation in healthcare. It endeavours to forge partnerships between pioneering startups and esteemed healthcare institutions such as Karolinska University Hospital.

Our primary objective? To invigorate the startup landscape in Stockholm with robust collaborations and to yield tangible benefits for institutions like Karolinska University Hospital, as well as other healthcare stakeholders in the region. This mission is underpinned by a commitment to digital transformation and the prioritization of patient-centric care within the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, we are facilitating approximately 70 startups affiliated with us at Sting and KI Innovations to develop products and services in collaborative ventures with healthcare authorities. We will also extend this invitation to companies beyond the startup sphere that harbour innovative potential.

Collaboration with startups to promote healthcare innovation

During the program's first three months, a program declaration has been developed to clarify the working methods, focus, and goals of the program. The program declaration also illustrates how collaboration can occur to produce results that strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the region in the field of health care.

Innovation sprints in temporary innovation arenas specifically tailored to healthcare needs will provide fertile ground for innovation while exploring opportunities with legislation to find new paths forward. A pioneering format for this has been developed in collaboration with the Värmland-based foundation Compare, which already leads the DigitalWell Arena with a focus on digital health innovation.

Undoubtedly, these endeavours herald a promising chapter in the advancement of healthcare, and we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact it will yield.

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