Get the latest news, updates and insights from the Nordic startup ecosystem.


Get the latest news, updates and insights from the Nordic startup ecosystem.

Sting Test Drive

Test your idea throughout an intensive workshop series designed for teams that are just getting started.

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Our Sting Test Drive program is a hands-on workshop for super-early-stage projects with global potential. We focus on niche areas like ClimateTech, HealthTech, and DeepTech, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with expert coaches. Join us to sharpen your pitch, gain insights from experienced entrepreneurs, and explore growth opportunities with Sting.

Apply Now to Test Drive DeepTech

Calling ALL DeepTech (whose business idea is based on high-tech innovation in engineering, or significant scientific advances) teams that are just getting started, and are still whiteboarding their ideas, this is your sign to apply!

Sting has now opened the application doors to Test Drive DeepTech Fall 2023! Four engaging workshops along with one pitch session to wrap up the program. This is your time to test your idea with the guidance of our experienced coaches from Sting and KTH Innovation with like-minded peers (free of charge!).

Test Drive DeepTech is run in partnership with KTH Innovation, providing innovation support at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden’s top technical university.

Please note: during the first workshop, all participants and organizers sign a confidentiality agreement. No information regarding business concepts, technologies, or participant names can be mentioned outside the program without consent.

Upcoming Test Drive program


Four evening workshops and one pitch session run by Sting and KTH Innovation coaches combined with individual coaching and peer support.

For who?

Teams with a scalable, early stage idea. We prefer mixed-gender teams of two to three people.


Due to high demand, we run Test Drive 2-3 times/ year and 10-12 projects are accepted for each round

Test Drive DeepTech start 26/10 with a final workshop on 14/12


Apply before Tuesday 17/10


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Startup Programs

Do I pay for Sting’s services?

We have a “success fee” model in the form of stock warrants to Sting. As a non-profit, we’re an independent, founder-centric organization who always wants what’s best for your startup. If you succeed, these stock warrants eventually convert into a small number of shares.

Propel Capital

Are there other benefits to having Propel Capital as a financier, in addition to the investment itself?

Yes! The co-owners of Propel Capital are business angels actively looking for investment opportunities in exciting and promising startups. As a portfolio company to Propel Capital, you are exposed to a large number of potential investors.

Propel Capital

How much ownership does Propel Capital take? 

Propel Capital invests via a convertible note that converts to ownership only when the company has raised at least SEK 1 million or more from external investors. This way, we avoid setting a valuation of the company too early.

Propel Capital

What are the terms of the Propel Capital convertible?

For full terms and conditions, please contact Read more for an overall summary of the terms:

Propel Capital

How is the number of shares that Propel Capital receives after conversion calculated?

The loan is calculated with interest at the date of the conversion/price per share in the round * 0.7.

Propel Capital

Does Propel Capital invest in its portfolio companies?

No, usually Propel Capital does not have the opportunity to participate in new issues in the portfolio companies. However, Propel Capital’s CEO, Emanuel Andersson, is actively working to support the portfolio companies in their financing rounds in other ways, including by making intros to potential investors.

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Not ready to apply for our programs yet? No problem. Turning an idea into a viable business concept can be daunting, so here are some valuable startup resources to add fuel to your fire and get you a few steps closer to joining the Sting community.

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Open Coaching

Welcome to book a 20-minute sessionwith one of Sting’s startup coaches

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Startups can save the world.We know, we’ve helped 400+ of them.

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We're here to help! If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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