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Sweden’s most active private
pre-seed investor

Founded in 2014, Propel Capital is an investment vehicle connected to Sting and has more than 170 companies in the portfolio.

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500 000 SEK investement from Propel

Propel only invests in Sting companies. All startups in Sting Accelerate, and a selection of companies in Sting Incubate, are offered an investment of 500 000 SEK.

Invested over SEK 70 million in Sting companies

Propel Capital I, II, III, IV, V, and VI have invested over SEK 70 million in more than 170 Sting companies. The investments are usually made via a standardized convertible debt instrument.

SEK 30 million under management

The current Propel Capital, Propel Capital VI, has SEK 30 million under management from 35 of Sweden’s foremost business angels and Saminvest.

About Propel

Propel is an exclusive network and provides opportunities to make direct investments in portfolio companies before other investor groups. It also is an attractive platform for finding syndication partners and sharing experiences with other investors in Propel Capital.

Propel Capital’s portfolio companies

Propel Capital FAQ's

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Application Process

Do we need to have our tech inhouse?

For companies where technology is the core of their business, it is crucial to have their tech in-house. On the other hand, for companies where technology is a means to solve a problem, outsourcing software development can be an option to extend their capacity, although it carries some risks.

Application Process

Do you accept startups that would compete with my company?

Startups that could be competitors will never be accepted and part of Sting at the same time. However, once a startup has left us and become alumni, after six months we could accept and work with another company that has a similar business idea.

Application Process

We have already raised a substantial amount of funding, can we still join?

Yes, it is definitely possible to be part of our program even if you have already raised money. Companies often have angel investors onboard before joining Sting.

Application Process

We’ve already participated in other programs – why should we join yours?

Sting offers more hands-on support than any other accelerator in Europe, and access to the most extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors. More than 9 out of 10 startups recommend Sting to other startups.

Startup Programs

What coaching methods do you use?

One size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we tailor our coaching to fit your individual needs. However, if you were to describe our coaching style in three words it would probably be ‘lean and iterative’. We use frameworks like Lean Startup and Lean Canvas, and work in sprints.

Startup Programs

Will our IP be protected?

We treat the proprietary information our companies share with us with 100 percent confidentiality, whether they declared it confidential or not. We couldn’t do what we do if we didn’t. We don’t sign NDAs because we meet so many startups that it would be impossible to keep track of all the NDAs and the related information. 

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