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September 14, 2021

Johannas Stadsodlingar secures capital to create scalable circular food solution

Foodtech company Johannas has raised SEK 5 million to design the world's first living food factory.


Foodtech company Johannas grows and sells locally produced fish, salads and other leafy greens in a circular food production system called aquaponics. The vegetables are grown without pesticides in a mini-ecosystem, where the nutrients come from the fish and naturally occurring bacterial processes.

Johannas also designs and integrates industrially scalable nutrient processes for future data-driven systems that have substantially lower environmental impact and water usage compared to today’s vegetable and fish farms.

Johannas has taken in SEK 5 million SEK in capital to design the first “living food factory” and create a scalable, replicable solution. Well-known entrepreneurs have joined the investment round, such as MatHem’s founders the Kull family, logistics expert and business angel Lars-Göran Ahlberger, and Propel Capital, Sting's investment vehicle.

"After many visits from head chefs and celebrity cooks, we know that not only do our vegetables taste better, they also stay fresh for longer than other products," says Anke Johanna van Lenteren, Co-Founder and grower at Johannas.

"As founders of MatHem we are passionate about putting good food on the table. Food production represents 20–30% of global emissions – something which has to change. Johannas grows premium products in a circular food production system, which means minimum resources are used in the full supply chain. We believe this to be the future," says the Kull family.

“This scalable production facility unlocks great opportunities, particularly when it comes to lowering the environmental impact of transport in an unbroken refrigeration chain” says Lars-Göran Ahlberger.

You can currently find vegetables from Johannas at Stockholm-based restaurants such as Vaxholms Kastell and Steningevik. You can also find Johannas products at local food stores or purchase them directly from Johannas at Rekoringar in Stockholm and Uppsala.

For more information, contact Thomas Bjelkeman on +4670-438 63 55 or visit





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