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Press Release
December 5, 2023

Hyggligt successfully completes logging using the Hyggligt method

Hyggligt, an innovative startup company in continuous cover forestry, has successfully completed its first logging operation using the so-called ‘Hyggligt Method’. This method, a data-driven precision logging through selective cutting, has the potential to revolutionize continuous cover forestry. The logging was carried out for Hyggligt's pilot customer in Östhammar and began in the last week of November.

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The Hyggligt Method uses laser data, image analysis, and an optimization algorithm to assess each tree in a stand and make optimal logging decisions. The company has also introduced a visualization tool for harvester operators, which makes logging more efficient and reduces logging costs. The operator has a display inside the harvester visualizing the trees to be logged. The software is a digital copy of the forest, like a version of Google Maps in 3D, but with trees marked for logging.

Edith Heppich, CEO and co-founder of Hyggligt, emphasizes the significance of Hyggligt and Swedish forestry: 

— This is a major milestone for us. We have now verified that our visualization tool for harvester operators works and helps the operator efficiently find the right trees. Our technology can revolutionize continuous cover forestry and, in the long run, the entire Swedish forestry sector. 

Through this logging operation, Hyggligt has collected data that will help the company develop its AI model and improve the decision-making process in logging. This will ultimately strengthen the company's ability to offer effective solutions for each forest owner's unique needs.

The Hyggligt Method considers several parameters to maximize growth and increase economic profitability. It promotes natural regeneration while considering the land's productivity.

Nils Fagerberg, a forest researcher and shareholder in Hyggligt, describes Hyggligt as an "important startup initiative with the potential to revolutionize forestry”.

Hyggligt aims to assist forest owners with a comprehensive service for continuous cover forestry, from analysis and optimization to logging and timber sales.

For more information, contact Edith Heppich, CEO and co-founder of Hyggligt.

About Hyggligt

Hyggligt is an innovative player in forestry, driving change through the ‘Hyggligt Method’ - continuous cover, data-driven precision logging through selective cutting. We focus on profitability, biodiversity, and increased carbon sequestration and strive to revolutionize Swedish forestry. 

Visit Hyggligt for more information.


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