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March 16, 2023

Sting gathers 20 years of experience in a free online course for future entrepreneurs

Sting’s latest initiative to nurture future entrepreneurs and attract talent to Stockholm is now being launched: Sting Startup Academy.

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Sting’s latest initiative to nurture future entrepreneurs and attract talent to Stockholm is now being launched: Sting Startup Academy.

“The idea behind Sting has always been to contribute to the development of Stockholm as a leading startup hub and create a world-class community for tech companies wanting to grow and make a difference. With Sting Startup Academy, we continue to do just that, by helping entrepreneurs in the making get started with their ideas,” says Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of Sting.

Sting Startup Academy, a collaboration between learning platform and Sting alumni company Learnster, is aimed at individuals who are curious about the startup scene, perhaps have an idea and entrepreneurial dream, or are interested in working for a tech startup.

The fundamental value of the course is Sting’s combined experience from having helped over 400 startups develop into sustainable growth companies while highlighting the Nordic way of building a business.

“In the Nordics and in Sweden, we have a slightly different approach to building companies than in many other parts of the world. That is something we want to highlight in Startup Academy and take advantage of as a strong brand in a tech nation whilst sharing our collective experience. We also see this as an opportunity to reach a broader spectrum nationally and internationally,” proceeds Pär Hedberg.

In the Sting Startup Academy, the user is guided by the Sting coaches and well-known profiles such as Jessica Schultz, Partner at Northzone and co-founder of Hello Fresh, Magnus Nilsson, Investor and co-founder of iZettle, and Lisa Ericsson, head of KTH Innovation.

In 5 hours, you get a thorough overview of topics such as ‘how to test your business idea’, ‘how to get your first customer’, ‘how to build a winning team’, ‘how to succeed in sales’, and ‘how to finance its startup’.

“We are immensely proud that Sting chose Learnster’s learning platform to deliver such a unique project of value. At Learnster we are passionate about sharing knowledge and entrepreneurship. As our own startup journey began at Sting, we can relate to Startup Academy’s target group. Sting’s support for young companies is immeasurable. Therefore, it feels especially good to now get to give back. To come full circle, so to speak,” says Mikael Larsson, CEO at Learnster.

About Learnster

The vision of Learnster is a world where everyone can learn something new every day. Their contribution to creating that world is by finding new ways to transform information into knowledge. Learnster develops tomorrow’s LMS (learning platform) for growing organizations aspiring to achieve maximum development in minimum time. With the help of Learnster’s innovative technology, new opportunities for communication and information sharing are created for the entire organization.

Learnster has been named Top 20 LMS in the World 2023, Platinum Pick 2021 (FindAnLMS), and nominated for Swedish SaaS Company of the Year 2020 (Breakite). With an NPS of 76, today Learnster has thousands of users in 30 different countries and is available in 13 different languages.

About Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth)

Named the world’s best incubator/accelerator in 2021, Sting helps entrepreneurs go from business ideas into successful international growth companies with world-class business development support, recruitment, funding, and networking. Sting has helped over 400 startups since 2002, 70 percent of which continue to develop and grow today.

Altogether, Sting companies have a turnover of more than SEK 3.8 billion and they have created over 3,400 jobs. The Sting companies have together attracted more than SEK 9.9 billion in private capital.

Furthermore, Sting is an active developer of the ecosystem in Sweden and co-founder of initiatives such as SUP46, THINGS, Ignite Sweden, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day, Luminar Ventures and Propel Capital.

Sting alumni include Yubico, Sellpy, Airmee, Surfcleaner, Midsummer, Worldfavor, Skrym and Karma, among others.




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