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Sting Startups
April 20, 2021

Three new, exciting companies join Sting

Implement AI models in an afternoon, create memorable webinar experiences and reduce costs for work-related health issues. These are the offers of the three new companies that have been accepted to Sting’s award-winning Incubate program. Now they kick off a one-year acceleration journey together with Sting’s experienced coaches and 20+ other Sting companies.

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– Demand is starting to pile up and we are entering a growth phase now. We think Sting can be of huge value in powering this journey with an extensive network and tons of experience, says Jonathan Rintala, co-founder of Univid.

The companies that are admitted to Sting represent less than 10 percent of all applicants. The selected startups can receive an investment of SEK 500,000 from Propel Capital, Sting’s investment company and Sweden’s most active private seed investors.

In addition to the investment itself, the companies also have direct access to the 40 business angels behind Propel Capital, as well as their networks.

– When you run as fast as we do, it’s easy to leave some aspects of company building behind. We hope that the wide range of coaches at Sting will help us pick up steam in some of those areas and accelerate us on our mission to facilitate companies to adopt AI rapidly. We are honoured to join Sting at this stage of our journey! The possibilities presented by their offering seem endless, says Viktor Alm, co-founder and CEO at Labelf AI.

The support from Sting also includes individual coaching in business development, financing and recruitment, and access to a wide international network of both business contacts and investors. The companies also get free office space for five months at A house, which provides for a strong community with each other and the Sting team.

– We have a great product in the making and now look forward to a lot of help to turn it into a growing and successful company! The crew at Sting has done this successfully many times before. We are impressed with all the accumulated expertise and really look forward to our time with the Sting team, says Henrik Schwerdt, co-founder and CEO of Wergonic.

Since 2002, Sting has coached more than 330 startups, including Yubico, Karma, Sellpy, Airmee, Dreams, Midsummer and Volumental.

These three companies now join Sting Incubate:

Labelf – Automation and insights made simple with AI

At Labelf, we have created an amazing platform for organisations to unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence. Organisations that utilize AI stand to gain massively as they can work faster and make more sense of their data. However, too many organisations struggle with implementing AI as they often lack the know-how or resources to get started. At Labelf, we break these barriers so that anyone can implement AI models in an afternoon.

Univid – Host live experiences easily with unmatched interaction

Univid is an event platform that makes virtual events, meetings and webinars over 15 people more interactive, visually beautiful and easy-to-use. In less than 60 seconds, you can customize your own event and get started with breakouts, gamification and polls. We enable the creation of memorable experiences. Univid is fun and easy. Univid was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Wergonic – For a healthier workplace

In Europe, 60% of workers suffer from work-related health issues, such as shoulder or back pain. Wergonic provides digital ergonomics tools to improve employee health and reduce costs for companies. We offer a portfolio of sensor-enabled workwear and a subscription-based ergonomics app that tracks and analyzes movements at work. Wergonic was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.




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