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November 9, 2023

CelluXtreme and Sting: Sustainable materials of the future

With environment and innovation in focus, the startup CelluXtreme has developed a unique technology that spins fibers from nanocellulose. Together with the business incubator Sting, they have paved the way for a revolution in lightweight and durable materials.

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In the conversation about the environment and sustainablealternatives of the future, energy supply, resource use, and recycling are central topics.Among the pioneering solutions that can transform the manufacturing industry,renewable and circular materials stand out, and in the middle of it all is thedevelopment company CelluXtreme.


By spinning fibers of nanocellulose and combining it with amatrix material, CelluXtreme TM has created a new bio-based composite material.Anna Wiberg, CEO of CelluXtreme tells more.


- We are targeting the lightweight segment. It is aboutmaterials that are light but also competent, rigid, and strong. It is important whendeveloping, for example, fuel-efficient transport or efficient wind turbinesthat must have very light but stiff blades with high efficiency. Anotherexample is high-performance sports equipment. You might get better at yoursport because you have a light racket or a light bike. It is also translatableto medtech and aids in various ways. Many great lightweight solutions help humans run even if theyhave no legs. Lightweight materials are, therefore, vital for thefuture.


A revolution throughrenewable materials


CelluXtreme was founded in 2020 and has the vision to gofrom nanocellulose to a composite material in one and the same factory. Afactory that, in accordance with the vision, is characterized by resourceefficiency, low emissions, customer adaptation, and a high degree of automation.


- The result is a transformation of materials and a revolutionary change inthe entire value chain. We don't just want to develop a unique material butalso contribute to innovation in the value chain, says Anna Wiberg.


Today, it is often about glass and carbon fiber compositeswhen talking about high-performance, lightweight materials.


- The majority of materials are associated with fossil rawmaterials and often oil. There is a high energy consumption in manufacturing.If you also look more closely at the production of that type of lightweightcomposite, there is often a lot of waste. You can find figures of between 30-50percent. Through a lightweight material based on a renewable raw material, weopen up new opportunities for recycling, says Anna Wiberg.


The business incubatorwith over 400 companies in the backpack


Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) helpsentrepreneurs develop their business ideas and has, since its inception, supported over 400 companies throughits incubator programs.


- We are an ecosystem built for startups. The ecosystem has many different parts, such as incubatoroperations, open coaching, a digital startup school, and a large investment company. Since2002, we have worked with over 400 companies, mainly in climate, health, and deep tech, says PärHedberg, founder and former CEO of Sting.


As a rule, companies consist of one or two individuals whenthey first come to Sting. Their incubator program is a catalyst and supportingforce, contributing everything from strategy to valuable contacts. Today, thereare over 3,000 employees in the companies that have been shaped by Sting'sinfluence.


Sting and CelluXtreme incollaboration to promote sustainable development


The collaboration between Sting and CelluXtreme has been akey factor in the development of CelluXtreme as a company. By offeringexpertise, advice, andbusiness networks, Sting is helping CelluXtreme significantly impact the manufacturingindustry.


As a DeepTech company with a longdevelopment curve from research results and prototypes to factory production,Anna Wiberg believes that the support from Sting has been invaluable.


- We have many challenging steps ahead of us, and Stingplays a decisive role there. Although, as a team we have a lot of experience and knowledge in ourbackpacks, this is our first time doing this. We, therefore, have regular meetings andreconciliations about, among other things, customer and team development andfinancing strategy. It is a craft to balance all aspects, says Anna Wiberg.


She also highlights the importance of, as a newentrepreneur, getting support from an incubator like Sting.


- To other entrepreneurs on the same journey and who readthis, I want to say that you should dare to be true to your vision and yourself. Beselective when contacting investors. Take the help of Sting and map out whoaligns with you, who would actually be interested, and who can contribute going forward.It is incredibly important.


Within the framework of the program called IncubateDeepTech, CelluXtreme collaborates with Sting to develop sustainableinnovations and shape the future of lightweight and environmentally friendlymaterials. Through its various startup programs, Sting wants to helpentrepreneurs develop their ideas and businesses.


- Through Sting, you get access to knowledge and networksbased on over 20 years of experience helping over 400 new technology companies.This makes the arduous journey go faster, and the probability of success increases, concludes PärHedberg.

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