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May 16, 2022

How to set and track finance KPIs that actually matters

As an early venture, how good are you at transforming investments in marketing and tech into revenue? How can you truly understand your customers to be able to build better products for them? And how do you explain your business to investors — both the journey this far and where it's heading?

Maki post|Josefiina Kotilainen, Maki VC

The equity-free program is an opportunity to receive hands-on support from a diverse team of experienced mentors and industry experts, as well as access to a prestige network of investors and potential partners.

A startup participating in the six-month-long program can expect to:

  • Refine and validate its business models and value propositions, under the guidance of dedicated coaches and international mentors
  • Expand its business opportunities internationally by leveraging the CBA team’s deep-rooted knowledge of local markets, ecosystems, business culture, and investors, across European markets
  • Obtain a seed voucher, upon successfully completing the acceleration program to continue your growth trajectory

The program is looking for startups and scaleups with products or technologies dedicated to space in both upstream and downstream applications. To meet eligibility criteria, startups must be EU-owned and SME size. A highly ambitious and versatile founding team with relevant experience with proven commercial traction and product-market fit is also required.

Sting will mentor the accepted companies from Sweden and Norway in areas such as sales and business development, investment readiness, and market expansion.

Applications are open until March 3, further information can be found here.


The CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship Initiative is a European Commission entrepreneurial support mechanism that cuts across all components of EU Space Program. It offers actions targeted at the full entrepreneurial lifecycle - from idea generation to market entry and growth – and covers both the upstream and downstream sectors.

The CASSINI Business Accelerator is part of the CASSINI initiative. The accelerator will be an intensive six-month initiative offering high-level business and investment coaching, training, events and seed funding. It will aim to improve startup and scale-up companies’ ability to achieve sustained commercial growth.




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