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March 19, 2021

Due diligence turned around: 7 questions to ask an investor

Google around and you'll find an amazing amount of information on what questions a VC will ask to evaluate you. But let's turn it around! Here are questions your investor should be ready to answer well if they're a good fit for you.

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In addition to the list of tech companies, Krim is the founder and sole owner of 3TInvest, one of Sweden’s most active seed round Investors with a portfolio of almost 30 companies. By also being an investor, he has valuable insights and perspectives from both sides of the startup world.

– I invest in companies with a massive transformative purpose, excellent teams, and global potential, mainly in the health and deep tech areas. I am looking for companies with a positive social impact – that is important to me; it drives my decision-making and motivates me to work hard.

Krim Talia

Krim’s original connection to Sting goes back to 2004. As founder of nanotechnology startup Nanologica, he won one of the company’s first capital injections – 100 000 SEK – in an innovation competition organized by Sting. Since then, Krim and Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of Sting, have stayed in touch.  

− Sting runs a great business, with an important mission. I have been part of the startup scene for a long time and am happy about the opportunity to give back and contribute to new companies’ growth and development. The startup world is very exciting and I can hopefully share some valuable experiences from my time in it.

Krim, a big fan of martial arts and the 2020 European champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has expertise in startup financing, negotiations and sales.

– I have a decent eye for spotting talent and business potential, and a black belt in dreaming big. I learned a lot about the challenges involved in building a research-based materials company as the CEO of Nanologica for seven years. Navigating uncertainty and exploring a large and undefined space of potential application areas in several sectors, Nanologica later gave birth to spinouts in different industries, such as pharmaceutical development, solar cells and MedTech.

Meet Krim on May 20th

Want to discuss your startup, test your pitch, or get input on a challenge you're facing? Book a free meeting on May 20th with one of our coaches to discuss your questions and challenges.

Krim has also served as Vice President Health and Life Science at RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden, and he has completed the Impact Investing Program at Oxford University.

− With Krim’s extensive experience, both as an entrepreneur and investor, we will be able to intensify our support to accelerate the Sting companies’ development. He brings expertise in both the deeptech and life science areas as well as in how to transform research into a successful startup, which many of our startups can benefit from.

Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of Sting

Krim holds a PhD from the Stockholm School of Economics. After finishing his PhD, he held the position of Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Economics at Harvard University.

Sting has coached more than 330 startups since 2002, of which 70 percent continue to develop and grow today. Together, all Sting companies have sales of more than SEK 3.6 billion and they have created over 3300 jobs.




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