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May 31, 2024

Enhancing Healthcare-Industry Partnerships for Patient-Centered Innovation

The Circle of Life Science initiative, supported by Karolinska University Hospital, KI Innovations AB, and Sting, aims to foster care-focused innovation through collaboration between healthcare providers and companies. The Solution Enabler Program facilitates dialogues to address healthcare challenges, with an initial meeting focusing on pediatric care at home. Future sessions will continue to explore innovative healthcare solutions.

Circle of Life Science team members

The newly launched Circle of Life Science initiative aims to promote need-driven and care-focused innovation by transforming the collaboration between pioneering companies and healthcare institutions.

This program, running until 2026, is led by Karolinska University Hospital, KI Innovations AB, and Sting, with backing from the European Union and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

Pioneering Market Conversations

A crucial element of Circle of Life Science is the Solution Enabler Program, an inventive project that promotes dialogue between businesses and Karolinska University Hospital to unlock healthcare's latent potential. By leveraging the business sector's knowledge of recent technologies, services, and innovations, the program tackles the urgent challenges and requirements of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Initial Meeting Between Healthcare Staff and Companies

On May 6th, an opening meeting initiated discussions among innovative companies, healthcare professionals, and the association Sjukhusföräldrar (Hospital Parents) to envision advancements for critically ill children. The initial proof of concept focuses on the SABH service, which delivers advanced pediatric care at home while staying connected to the hospital.

"We in healthcare outlined our current circumstances and the issues we encounter, and the participating companies began to consider how they can enhance our daily work and solve our problems. It was interesting to hear their perspectives as they asked questions," shares Ulrika Liliemark, a physician at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, part of Karolinska.

Following presentations from healthcare staff and parents of critically ill children about their realities and developmental needs, interested companies provided their insights and had the chance to ask follow-up questions. The meeting drew 23 companies, with 15 choosing to contribute to an innovation report to direct future development and possible collaborations.

Upcoming Market Conversations This Fall

Innovative companies keen on contributing to the vision of future healthcare are invited to join the next Solution Enabler Program session this fall. This meeting will highlight various aspects of healthcare. Stay tuned for updates!

For more information on Circle of Life Science and contact details (in Swedish), visit: Samverkan med innovativa företag ska främja vårdnära innovation (


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