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Sting Startups
February 6, 2024

Sting expands its ecosystem with eight innovative startups this spring

This spring, Sting is rolling out the red carpet for eight startups ready to redefine areas such as music tech, green energy, and the way we learn (think revolutionizing how musicians create and monetize their art, new strides in sustainable energy, and AI-driven learning experiences). Each startup brings a unique solution to the table, showcasing Sting's knack for selecting ventures that not only push technological boundaries but also promise significant societal impact.

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Sting's selection process is strategic, handpicking startups in Health, Climate, Society and DeepTech for their innovation potential. These companies, viewed as integral to Sting's ecosystem, are certain to create a better tomorrow. Sting encourages the community to connect with them, providing collaboration opportunities and participation in events showcasing their advancements.

Bringing these eight startups under its wing, Sting reaffirms its mission to champion ideas set to reshape tech, sustainability, and healthcare. The collective ambition of the startup ecosystem and its latest cohort showcases how united efforts in innovation sculpt a more promising future.

Here are the 8 selected Sting companies for this spring



“Collaborate to combat cybercrime”

PryvX is a platform that enables collaboration to combat cybercrime and fraud while preserving privacy by leveraging privacy-enhancing technologies, such as federated learning.

Samplimy Medical

“Microsampling of biomarkers in interstitial fluid from the skin”

Samplimy has developed a medical device for microsampling of biomarkers in interstitial fluid from the skin as a complement or alternative to blood sampling for the diagnosis of diseases.


“Assisting healthcare by simplifying diagnosis codes with AI”

We simplify the search function for diagnostic codes for all medical personnel by implementing AI technology. By doing this, we free up time for the staff and create better statistical data for research. 



“We’re making the world’s best chess training universally accessible, giving every player a personal, AI-powered chess tutor”

The best way to learn anything is one-on-one tutoring. One out of ten people play chess regularly, but few have access to tutoring. We let them learn effectively on their own by practising against a humanlike chess AI and getting instant feedback on their play. Unlike other chess computers, our AI emulates human play and is both fun and instructive to play against.


“The all-in-one platform for sheet music and tablature”

PaidTabs is an innovative music platform offering transcription services, transforming any melody into guitar tabs and sheet music. We empower artists to monetize their music and provide a marketplace for selling sheet music. Our future vision includes AI-driven music tools, enhancing learning, composition, and arrangement capabilities for musicians of all levels.


“Empowering e-commerce brands to unlock recurring revenue through subscriptions”

Subscriby is a B2B2C subscription management software & market platform. Our vision is to enable a more convenient everyday life, both for e-commerce businesses and consumers. We enable e-commerce brands to offer their products via flexible and trustworthy subscriptions while we empower consumers to save time and money and make better choices.


“Secure healthcare communication- made simple”

Secure video calls have never been easier. With Kura you can offer your clients secure video consultations on demand with minimal effort. Gather all communication channels in one place. 



“Revolutionizing green hydrogen production with efficient and affordable electrodes”

Hydroyal manufactures the key component of electrolyzers, membrane electrode assembly (MEA), on a large scale. Hydroyal’s unique MEA is composed of abundant and inexpensive materials and improves stack efficiency with high hydrogen purity and electrolyzer-friendly conditions.

Embarking on new adventures – together

"We're excited to bring these eight ventures into the Sting community. Their entry marks a significant step in our journey to enrich our ecosystem with innovations that promise real-world impact," shares Krim Talia, CEO of Sting.


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