Fredrik Rosengren

Coaches SaaS and Software companies

Talk to Fredrik Rosengren about:

  • Funding: Startups need capital to get off the ground, but securing funding can be challenging, especially early stage with some track record.
  • Accelerate; early-stage startups that have the potential for rapid growth and significant impact.  
  • When to apply to accelerate

Fredrik was one of the founders of Contur Software in, a software company within life sciences. Operated internationally (Europe, USA & Asia). In 2011, the company was acquired by the Nasdaq-listed Accelrys. Since 2013, Fredrik has been coaching over 160 early-stage tech startups at Sting, helping them navigate the challenges of early-stage tech and scaling their businesses. Providing them with support to help them build successful and sustainable businesses thrue: funding, sales, and product development.

In addition to passion for new technology and engineering, Fredrik also has a love for playing hockey, skiing and a number of activities.