Raoul Stubbe

Coaches DeepTech companies

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Raoul Stubbe’s focus is to coach any startup that addresses today’s big societal issues by deploying disruptive technologies. By combining his extensive experience in building deep tech companies with a solid research background, Raoul enables the teams to better navigate the specific challenges that are the hallmarks of deep tech, whether this involves transitioning the team from a technology driven to a customer drive mindset, devising the right go-to-markets strategies, or building impregnable IP strongholds.

At Sting, Raoul for the last 18 years has been part of churning out more than 400 startups. Before joining Sting Raoul started Proximion Fiber Optics in 1998, where he, first as the CEO and later as CTO, built up a venture capital-financed export company. Proximion was later acquired by Hexatronic, a NASDAQ listed company. He is also one of the founders of Single Technologies, a company developing a world-leading instrument for DNA sequencing.  Raoul holds a PhD in the field of optics providing him with excellent insights into academic life and though not claiming to be a polymath, Raoul does not shy away from discussing any branch of life or physical science.