Karin Ruiz

Coaches ClimateTech and DeepTech startups

Talk to Karin Ruiz about:

  • How to take your impact startup to market and expand internationally
  • Sustainability strategies + assessing climate impact
  • Clever ways to finance your impact startup
  • Cap tables and shareholders’ agreements

Karin brings over 15 years of experience from impact entrepreneurship and sustainability through coaching 50+ impact, climate and deeptech startups, and founding and building several own impact startups, including CEO of Peepoople (cleantech) and Partner of Quizrr (edtech). She has launched new businesses and expanded companies across Africa and Asia, raised significant amounts of both grant and equity financing, closed megadeals with corporates and NGOs, built and led management teams and organizations across four continents, set up factories with large scale production lines, and served on boards of both listed companies, startup and NGOs.

Karin joined Sting as a coach in 2015 and is today Sting’s Climate Lead. She has been driving Sting’s Female Founders and Climate Action agendas, and launched Startup Climate Action and the Swedish Climate Startup Map in 2020. Prior to Sting, Karin worked over 20 years with international business development, sales, marketing and product development in senior management positions in startups, multinational corporations (Tetra Pak and Capio) and government agencies. She has extensive international work experience from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and Australia.

Karin loves all kinds of outdoor sports, takes her own boat to work, and spends much of her free time in her ceramics studio and kitchen garden.