Magnus Rehn

Coaches ClimateTech startups

Talk to Magnus Rehn about:

  • B2B business development
  • International business strategies
  • Budgeting and Governance

Magnus brings more than 15 years of experience in the sustainability field through coaching over 50 start-ups. He has previously over 25 years of business experience in numerous roles such as co-founder and CEO of TagMaster AB, a global company working with RFID technology, through various roles in marketing, sales and as CEO in many companies, in industries such as banking technology, telecom, smart manufacturing, technology trading, security, and software solutions. Extensive international experience from Europe, North America, and Asia, specifically China, India, and Japan. Magnus is an active investor and is currently the chairman of Reliefed AB, iPercept AB, and Building Global Innovators SA, Portugal.

Magnus loves meeting new people, outdoor activities such as skiing downhill untouched slopes, scuba diving in new waters, boating in the outer archipelago and learning new languages.