Astrid Friborg

Climate & DeepTech Coach

Talk to Astrid Friborg about:

  • Going from prototype to production
  • Anything hardware or Deeptech related
  • How to be cost effective and structured in a startup setting
  • Setting a sustainable organization culture, way-of-working and building a brand
  • How to prioritize and set realistic goals aligned to your vision

Astrid Friborg brings over 15 years in leadership roles including 3 years of coaching deep tech and impact startups. As a Business Coach at Sting, Astrid supports Sweden’s future technology companies in their growth journey. Her career highlights include being founder and CEO of Sting alumni Deeptech / Foodtech startup Berries by Astrid as well as from working at a large corporation, and her current role at Produktionsänglar, where she advises startups on industrialization and sustainability. Astrid holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and has advanced training in finance and leadership.

Astrid brings first-hand experience in industries ranging from life science, Medtech, Biotech, Foodtech, hardware, IoT to telecom and SaaS. At Sting, Astrid focuses on coaching Deeptech and Climate tech startups, leveraging her robust background in business development, innovation, product development, leadership, sustainability and industrialization.

Astrid has been a DJ and stores a large collection of vinyl records at home.

  • Business Development
  • Deeptech
  • Product Development
  • Sustainability